Main parameters

  • length: 9120 mm
  • height: 2750 mm (by the request of the customer)
  • width: 2550 mm
  • number of pallets : 22 Eur-pallets
  • volume: approx. 50-55 m³
  • total load capacity: 27.000 kg
  • CSC certificate for rail transport by DIN 283
  • floor with tested and authorized access for carts with a load of 5460 kg per axle
  • certificate for customs transport (customs plate)
17 nadst 30 stopa 01

Body for bulk material with a tunnel "Mobiler"

The walls and doors consist of a steel sheet of quality: QST 500. The body designed to transport bulk materials is provided with double doors at both sides. The roof consists of rolling roof and the floor is provided with two tunnels "Mobiler", which serve to move the body from the car to the wagon without using a lifting crane.

Floor unit

The floor plate is also made of bent profiles of thickness 4 mm of quality S 650 MC.m (24 mm). Clamping elements are designed as single-hole (single) and are located in 20 or 30 feet position. The floor is provided with gripping edges under DIN 284, preparing to hang legs (placement of legs with locks). Furthermore, two tunnels "Mobiler" are embedded into the floor, which serve to move the body from the car to the wagon without using lifting crane. These are adapted to the latest standards of Palfinger.


The side walls are made of steel sheet of thickness 2mm and quality of S 550 MC. Front as well as rear port are equipped with a double smooth doors of galvanized sheet. Two folding platforms are located at the door, which serve to access the rolling roof canvas. Manhole is located at the right wing of the doors and the doors are secured against opening in addition to locking bars by the side bottom controllable locking mechanism. The roof consists of a rolling roof. The canvas is longitudinally in the middle and on the right side reinforced with aluminum battens sewn in the canvas. It is attached to the right side with straps and the transverse stiffeners are formed with lids tubes. The frame of the body is formed from bent profiles of thickness 3 and 4 mm and quality of S 650 MC with an air vent located on each side.

Surface treatment and marketing description

  • sandblasting to SA 2.5
  • chemical degreasing and chemical pre-treatment against corrosion in immersion tube
  • cathodic dip coating in light shade from the outside and the inside
  • powder coating in RAL from the outside and the inside by the request of the customer
  • labelling and warning labels under DIN 284, DIN 283
  • marketing description according to proposal