Main parameters

  • length 7450 mm
  • height up to 2800 mm
  • width 2550 mm
  • bodies total capacity 16 000 kg
  • floor load for forklift truck up to 5460 kg
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Floor unit

is made of bent sections of 3.5mm thickness, St. quality of 52.2, floor structure height 240 mm, floor slab made of anti-slip waterproof plywood with a thickness of 27, four pieces of single or double clamping elements, gripping edges, four pieces of support legs - rigid or telescopic, door pull-out ledder. Guide tunnel wide 600 mm is made of two closed profiles. Bumper on the front face against damage when reversing the car under the body.


Right side wall, front and roof panels are made of galvanized punched sheet, quality St. 37.2. The left side wall is made of 4-winged steel doors, which can be opened to an angle of 180 degrees. If the doors are open, the body can be loaded from the side. Rear portal is formed of double-winged doors of galvanized sheet metal. Protective profile with a height of about 250 mm is located at the bottom edge of the right side. The frame of the body is made of bent sections with a thickness of 3 and 4 mm, quality St. 37.2, two air vents on the side wall Steel bumpers protecting the body from damage are at the bottom of the rear portal.

Interior equipment and additional equipment

by the request of the customer / see Bodies Equipment >

Surface treatment and marketing description

  • sandblasting to SA 2.5
  • chemical degreasing and chemical pre-treatment against corrosion in immersion tube
  • cathodic dip coating in light shade from the outside and the inside
  • powder coating in RAL from the outside and the inside by the request of the customer
  • labelling and warning labels under DIN 284, DIN 283
  • marketing description according to proposal


 Type C 745
  Total weight approx. kg 16000
A Total length approx. mm 7450
B Light length approx. mm 7310
C Total width approx. mm 2550
D Rear wall thickness /doors/ approx. mm 40
E Front wall thickness approx. mm 40
F Roof thickness approx. mm 25
G Space up to clamping cube approx. mm 798,5
H1 Total height approx. mm 2700 to 3200
H2 Height clearance approx. mm 870 to 1320 (by 50 mm)
I Light width approx. mm 2470
J Door light width approx. mm 2470
K Light height approx. mm H1 - 239
L Door light height approx. mm H1 - 294
M Side wall thickness approx. mm 40
N Floor thickness approx. mm 203, 175, 160


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